Welcome to LMA Athletics


Welcome to the Wolfpack athletics where young men and women compete in 10 sports with teams competing at the Varsity level. The greatness of athletic teams is in part because of the athletes participating. We know that students participating in sports at the high school level usually get better grades that non-athletic students, have better school attendance, have a higher graduation rate, and have higher self esteem. They also learn how to set goals and respect for others, in addition to learning how to win with class and lose with dignity. 
Participation in athletics at LMA means more than competition between individuals or teams representing different high schools. It teaches fair play and sportsmanship, understanding and appreciation of teamwork. It teaches that to quit means failure, while to work hard means success. The legacy of an athletic program will be measured by more than just the wins and losses that our teams experience. Participation on an athletic team is a PRIVILEGE that is extended to every student who is eligible under regulations set up by the State of California Interscholastic Federation (ClF).
The conduct of a Wolfpack athlete is closely observed by many people. An athlete is a representative of a team, the school and the community. Therefore, it is important that a Wolfpack athlete be at all times and in all places a gentleman or lady. We also believe a successful athletic program nurtures and fosters good citizens and tomorrow's leaders. On behalf of the athletic department, we welcome you to the challenge of Wolfpack athletics, and I hope your experience is a positive one.