Executive Director's Message


Hello, my name is Santos Campos and I am honored and feel privileged to be the Executive Director of Leadership Military Academy (LMA).  We are incredibly proud to serve students and help achieve their post-secondary options.  We welcome the opportunity to meet the educational needs of your child.  Our military academy is designed to provide students with a unique high school educational experience.  LMA is not a boot camp but a military-themed high school structured to provide students with the opportunity to become leaders in a college and career-going environment.  We use military core beliefs to impact the whole student in a smaller learning environment.  LMA attracts students who have not been successful in the traditional high school setting.  Reasons include over-socialization, being consumed by a larger high school population, falling behind academically because they lack skills and strategies to keep them disciplined and focused.  Students who have been suspended or expelled, foster and homeless youth.  Our school benefits these students by providing them an educational experience in a smaller learning environment and reduced class sizes and required school uniforms and a staff committed to working with diverse student groups.  At LMA, we believe in Relationships, Relevance and Rigor.  What makes our schools unique is our military academy prepares students for real-world experiences.  Our goal is to produce leaders who understand how to work with peers, become responsible students, and learn to set goals and objectives for themselves.  At LMA, we prepare students for college and career opportunities.  LMA is a safe and positive learning environment for all students in a challenging academic environment.  Our small school size and our low student-to-teacher ratio (25:1) in core classes allow students to get the academic attention they need to become successful.  We offer the same opportunities as the bigger high schools.  We have AVID and AP classes for students who strive to go to college.  We have co-curricular opportunities through CIF sports and Military Activities, including drill competitions, color guard, honor guard, and Cadet Corps-related activities. We have a cheer team that competes and performs at local events.  We have a strong and dedicated staff that prides itself on building relationships with our students and helping them succeed in life.  I appreciate you considering LMA for your child’s education.  We build our success, one student, at a time. 


Santos Campos 


Executive Director