Mission and Vision


To prepare young men and women in a structured and diverse educational environment, encouraging academic excellence, social growth, and emotional development.  Leadership Military Academy uses a military model to unlock the leadership potential in all cadets, preparing them for post-secondary goals to include college and career opportunities.



Through a military learning environment that promotes differentiated instructional strategies, personal discipline, and leadership skills inspire honor and pride in its cadets to encourage them to demonstrate ethical behavior and to become responsible citizens. Successful cadets will respect diversity and exhibit sound decision-making skills. They will attain basic educational goals, complete high school, and be prepared to pursue a variety of post-secondary opportunities, including military service, higher education and/or technical training, be productive in the workforce, and be lifelong learners.

At the Leadership Military Academy (LMA), cadets learn and behave in a way that demonstrates the core values of integrity, service before self, excellence, respect, personal courage, loyalty, education, health, and duty.  LMA combines the support and resources of parents/guardians, educators, and the community to support cadets in achieving their goals.