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College Exploration and Applications

A key part of planning for college is research.  Leadership Military Academy provides opportunities for students to explore colleges through college trips, speakers, and the AVID program.  However, there are so many colleges and so many more degree options available, that students must take the time to explore on their own as well. 

It is important for students to determine the certificate, degree, or major program they want to pursue.  Then explore the colleges of interest to make sure they offer that course of study.  Students who know precisely what they want to study and where can go directly to the college website and research the program.  For students who are uncertain or haven’t researched yet, the links provided here can support their exploration.



Main website & Admissions page

Search Academic Programs


Additional financial notes

California Community Colleges (CCC)

116 campuses to choose from 

CCC Admissions

Find a College (by keyword - Map included)

CCC apply

The CCC Promise Grant may waive enrollment fees

California State University (CSU)

23 campuses, 1 application

Freshman Admission Requirements

Search Degrees (by name)

CSU Application

Additional requirements to apply to EOP

Application Fee Waiver

Some students qualify for EOP to get extra support at CSU

University of California (UC)

9 campuses, 1 application

Freshman Admission Requirements

Check Majors (search by degree)

UC Apply

Include family size and income in the “About you” section, to see if you’ve qualified for an application fee waiver.  When selecting campuses a message will appear with on how many campuses you can apply to for free.

Common App

A college application & exploration platform with over 900 colleges.

(see individual college sites for admissions requirements)

Search colleges by their characteristics

(see individual college sites for degree program information)

Create an account

Some colleges may require information in addition to the application (ex. Personal statement essay, letters of recommendation)


A College Board platform to  research and plan for college and career

(see individual college sites for admissions requirements)

College Search (can include major)

Sign in with College Board account


Create an account

Explore information on scholarships