Military Program


Cadet Leadership

The Corps of Cadets utilizes the rank structure of the United States Army, Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps.  All new cadets enter LMA with the rank of Recruit.  Promotion is awarded on the basis of merit, competence, ability, and military bearing. Cadets may receive promotions based on “time in grade” through the rank of Cadet Corporal (E-1-E-4). All Sergeants and Commissioned Officers are promoted through a process involving testing, demonstration of ability, knowledge of military subjects (promotion board), military bearing, command presence and enthusiasm. Promotions may be made by the LMA Commandant based on exceptional and meritorious actions of a cadet. Promotions will be reviewed and granted as cadets meet time in grade requirements.

General Orders for Discipline Guide

Cadets should have the freedom and be encouraged to express their individuality in any way as long as their conduct does not infringe upon the freedom of other cadets or interfere with the instructional program. Cadets who violate the General Orders for Discipline may be subject to reduction in rank, suspension, exclusion, dismissal from the Corps of Cadets, and/or including dismissal from LMA.

The General Orders for Discipline are supported by California Education Code Section 48900 et.seq., which describes specific behaviors that are subject to discipline and the measures that a school can and must take in response to those specific behaviors.

Expectations of Cadets

The following General Orders for Discipline apply to all LMA cadets at all times and will not change. They constitute the bedrock of discipline and conduct upon which LMA cadet’s base their academic and social successes. The General Orders for Discipline represent LMA’s expectations and will guide cadet behavior throughout attendance at LMA.

The General Orders for Discipline are as follows:

  1. To comply with any instructions or directions by any adult staff member of LMA. A cadet may disagree with the instructions, but is expected to always comply with them. If a cadet disagrees with any instructions or directions given, they may submit a written request for the reason of the instruction.
  1. To treat all members of the Corps of Cadets, staff, visitors and Parent/Guardian with absolute courtesy and respect. Cadets are not obligated to socialize with any member of the Corps of Cadets but are required to be courteous and respectful at all times.
  2. To neither commit nor condone any acts of violence or threats of violence against any member of the Corps of Cadets, faculty or staff for any reason. It is a cadet’s duty to assist others in resolving conflicts without violence or to seek assistance before any violence is committed.
  3. To respect the property of others and of LMA. Cadets will take care of all property entrusted to them and will return all such property in a timely manner and in the same condition as when it was received.
  4. To never leave the campus of LMA without permission from staff members or parent/guardian.
  5. To conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to reflect honor on themselves, the Corps of Cadets and LMA.