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Uniforms Policy

Cadets at LMA are required to wear a prescribed uniform in the prescribed manner every day. Uniforms are the property of LMA. Cadets are responsible for damage to any part of the uniform due to negligence or intentional damage. A cadet leaving LMA must return issued uniform items in useable condition allowing for normal wear and tear.

Cadets not willing to voluntarily comply with the uniform requirements are encouraged to examine their reasons for attending LMA.

Uniform specifications and standards are included in the UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS section, and pictures are included in APPENDIX A. Uniform requirements will be communicated to all cadets and Parent/Guardian and must be worn accordingly.

Modifications to the uniform of any kind are not allowed at any time.

Cadets who fail to wear the uniform in the prescribed manner may be excluded from classroom attendance until the uniform is brought into compliance with the standards. Parent/Guardian will be notified of the uniform discrepancy and will be provided an opportunity of correcting the uniform problem. Cadets who cannot make arrangements to have a complete uniform to wear are to see the Commandant.

Continued violations of uniform regulations may result in disciplinary action and/or dismissal from LMA.