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Personal Grooming Regulations

Cadets must be properly groomed and wear their uniform correctly at all times as required by California Cadet Corp Regulations.

Piercings - facial piercings are not permitted while wearing the LMA/California Cadet Corps (CACC) uniforms.

  • Female cadets may wear one set of earrings; any more than one will require removal before coming on
  • Male cadets are not permitted to wear earrings/piercings.
Hair - must be well-groomed at all times and be natural in color.
  • Female cadets with shoulder length hair or longer must keep their hair secured above the neck in a tight bun.
  • Male cadets are required to keep their hair cut 0-3” above the ear (to the top of their head). Hair must be contained underneath the baseball style cap. Mustaches must be neatly trimmed; beards and sideburns are not permitted.